Oligonucleotide CRO&CDMO

Shanghai Aurisco Biotech Co., Ltd is focus on providing CRO/CDMO services. We provide APIs service from discovery, clinical trials to commercial stage.

With 20+ years’ experience of API manufacturing, our oligo platform has a dedicated team of 30+ scientists in oligonucleotide field,and equips with advanced and equipment,accelerating clients’ drugs to the global market.

The process chemistry, analytical, and regulations teams collaborate to provide clients with a fast, efficient, and flexible integrated solution for oligonucleotide development.

Advanced equipments

Aurisco oligonucleotide platform is equipped with Cytiva ?KTA oligonucleotide solid-phase synthesizer and purification equipment,with capacity from gram to KG scale.

In addition, analytical equipments including UPLC-QTof, UPLC-MS, UPLC provide support for oligonucleotide structure characterization, analytical method development and validation,GMP manufacturing and stability study.

  • Lab scale(grams)

    ?KTA OligoPilot 10?KTA OligoPilot 100?KTA Pure 25?KTA Pure 150?KTA flux 6Lyophilyzer Xinzhi
  • Pilot scale (hundreds grams)

    OligoPilot? 2000Novasep Hipersep?Sartoflow advancedGenesis 35L
  • Key analytical equipment

    UHPLC,UPLC(IP-RP, IEX, SEC)LC-MS(ESI, Quadrupole)UPLC-HRMS(ESI, Q-tof)Headspace GCUV-VIS(Temperature controlled)

Manufacturing capability

Custom DNA/RNA - API Manufacturing Services

Aurisco provides oligonucleotide synthesis services as follow

  • 01ASO
  • 02siRNA
  • 03Aptamer
  • 04CpG ODN
  • 05Other new oligos
  • 06Oligos Conjugations
  • 07Others:modified nucleoside,impurity, modified GalNAc or Lipid

Oligonucleotide Service includes

  • Process Developing and Optimization
  • mg to KG scale
  • Analytical characterization, test method development and validation, IPC & release testing
  • Stability studies compliant to ICH
  • RA support for worldwide
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