Signing ceremony of Aurisco and Cytiva

Release time:2023-01-03

January 3,2023,Aurisco to build an Oligonucleotide FlexFactory? for commercial cGMP production in cooperation with Cytiva.

In future, Aurisco’s new commercial manufacturing site in Yangzhou, China is expected to produce up to 200 kilograms of cGMP oligonucleotides each year.
Through the cooperation with Cytiva, Aurisco will deliver at least 2 new commercial oligonucleotides per year to its global customers, with high quality and efficiency.

During this cooperation, Cytiva will offer a comprehensive enterprise solution to Aurisco. Itincludes an Oligo FlexFactory? GMP platform and various technical and service support, suchas talent training, process design of the manufacturing site, as well as life-cycle projectmanagement.

See annex for details:

Aurisco cooperates with Cytiva to build its first Oligo FlexFactory for commercial production_Final

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