Sirnaomics visited Yangzhou Aurisco

Release time:2023-07-16

July 15, 2023,Sirnaomics and Aurisco jointly explore opportunities and pathways to overcome challenges in the development and manufacturing of oligonucleotides, aiming to strengthening cooperation to accelerate the global launch of new oligonucleotides drugs.

Dr. Wang Yongxiang, Chief Production Officer of Sirnaomics Ltd (HKG.2257), Dr. Yang Xianbin, CSO of the Greater China in Sirnaomics, and Dr. Tang Shenggao, General Manager of Sirnaomics Guangzhousite, visited Yangzhou Aurisco Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd to discuss cooperation opportunities. Mr. Peng Zhien, chairman of Aurisco Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.(SSE.605116), Dr. Li Jinliang, general manager of Shanghai Aurisco Biotech Co.,Ltd, and Dr. Wang Guoping, general manager of Yangzhou Aurisco Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., attended the meeting with the Sirnaomics team.

The two parties conducted in-depth exchanges on the key technologies of oligonucleotides drugs, focusing on the opportunities and challenges of the development of the oligonucleotides drug industry. Both parties look forward to strengthening cooperation to accelerate the global launch of new oligonucleotides drugs and industrialization in China.

Sirnaomics is the first biopharmaceutical company to achieve positive Phase IIb clinical outcomes in oncology clinical-stage RNA therapeutics. With a strong presence in both China and the U.S., Sirnaomics is discovering and developing innovative drugs for indications with significant unmet medical needs and large market opportunities. Sirnaomics has built a professional international team for the discovery and development of RNAi therapeutics and mRNA vaccines and therapeutics, based on their proprietary drug delivery technology platforms.

Aurisco is a science based CRDMO and pharmaceutical company engaged in research, development and sustainable cGMP manufacturing of oligonucleotides, peptides and specialty small molecule APIs. With over 25 years of experience, Aurisco serves global markets and plays a leading role in China in the field of complex chiral synthesis, synthetic biology, photochemistry and solid-phase synthesis. With multiple USDMFs and CEPs and 3 cGMP inspected sites, the company has become a long-term partner of many well-known pharmaceutical companies worldwide.

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