Experts visit Yangzhou Aurisco

Release time:2023-09-07

On September 5, 2023, Academician Cheng Jinpei, a famous organic chemist and professor of Tsinghua University and Nankai University, Professor Zhang Wanbin of Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Professor Luo Sanzhong of Tsinghua University and Professor Li Xin of Nankai University, visited Yangzhou Aurisco Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.. Accompanied by Peng Zhien, Chairman of Aurisco Pharmaceutical, and Dr. Wang Guoping, General Manager of Aurisco, the experts visited the plant and R&D center, and conducted in-depth discussions and exchanges with company leaders and R&D personnel on the latest scientific research progress in the field of organic synthesis and its application in the efficient green synthesis of medicines.

       Professor Cheng studied and worked as a teacher at Nankai University, and successively served as Vice President of Nankai University and Vice Minister of the Ministry of Science and Technology. Mr. Cheng was proud of the achievements of Nankai students in the pharmaceutical industry, and encouraged Peng Zhien to keep in mind Nankai's school motto of "Dedication to Public Interests, Acquisition of All-round Capability, Aspiration for Progress with Each Passing Day.", keep pace with the times, be brave in innovation, and continuously create good medicines that people can afford to eat, so as to make due contributions  to China's medical industry.

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